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Client-Centered Resolutions to Family Law Conflict

The Franklin Law Center applies a team-based approach to facilitate resolutions to family law conflict. Our extensive experience demonstrates that cooperative representation will often foster lasting solutions without costly litigation.

Our team is prepared to pursue all avenues of settlement, including traditional negotiation, mediation, and collaborative or cooperative agreements. We will strive to do everything to reach settlement-based solutions that are most efficient and effective for our clients. We do, however, understand that settlement is not possible in every case and are always prepared to assert the legal rights of our clients in court.

At The Franklin Law Center, we compliment the strength and experience one would expect of a large firm with the diligence and personalized attention of a small practice. Our team understands the importance of carefully guiding clients through a fair and accurate accounting of the facts and relevant financials of their respective case. We believe that thorough preparation is critical to efficient settlement negotiation as well as litigation, if necessary.

In addition to our support staff, clients of the Franklin Law Center will receive guidance from our highly-experienced team of attorneys:

  • Susan R. Franklin
    Ms. Franklin focuses in cooperative resolutions to family law conflict. Ms. Franklin provides a wealth of experience as a seasoned negotiator and certified mediator.
  • Robin F. Verhoeven
    Ms. Verhoeven provides a strong, determined disposition to the Franklin Law Center’s multifaceted approach to family law conflict resolution. Ms. Verhoeven supports the efforts of our team as our clients and their respective cases progress through negotiation and then she truly excels when our clients need to assert and protect their rights in court.

We understand the challenges that separation, divorce, and family law conflict can place upon an individual and their family. The well-being of our clients is always our highest priority. We believe that the most optimal solutions are borne of legal representation that exudes strength and confidence, as well as a conscious mitigation of unnecessary stress and financial cost. Ultimately, we aim to protect each client’s ability to move forward with a strong financial and emotional foundation.

The Franklin Law Center is proud to serve clients throughout the Triangle-area counties of Orange, Chatham, Wake, and Durham. Our clients can rely on us for determined, diligent, and compassionate representation in matters relating to separation and divorce, property division, child custody, and child support,as well as other family law related legal matters.

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Franklin Law Center, PLLC represents clients in divorce and other family law matters in North Carolina. Please call 919-942-0800 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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